About Us

Founded in 2000

TDS was founded in 2000 and is a woman-owned business committed to diversity and inclusion. All members of TDS’ Executive Management team are active owners and have day-to-day involvement with the business.

From start-ups to multi-million dollar international companies, TDS’ management team has experience successfully running businesses. This has been accomplished with a focus on building solid core competencies, matching the right talent, implementing fundamental financial principles and setting a clear direction for growth.

Meet Our Executive Team

Jennifer Graham

President / Principal


Bill Graham



Dayna Roy

Director of National Operations


Carol Ann Hartnagle, IGP, CRM

General Manager of Denver


Heidi Quick

Director of Administration


John Graham

Director of Logistics


Our People Make the Difference.™

We excel at matching the talents and capabilities of our team to the needs and culture of our clients. TDS recruits, trains, and retains subject-matter experts, technologists, and advisors including certified facilities management (CFM), certified records managers (CRM); and information governance professionals (IGP); and certified document and imaging architects (CDIA+).