Information is Power & Time is Money

For more than two decades, TDS has serviced the AM Law 100 along with other leading law firms. Our expertise will help you plan, implement and measure success of your business goals when managing projects, co-sourcing or outsourcing key business functions.

TDS provides flexible business models for managing documents and office support services. We work with law firms to strengthen business processes and reduce costs in critical office operations.

We excel with leveraging technologies and practical solutions to improve performance in:


Experience & Specialized Solutions

The TDS team has extensive experience working with North American energy companies of all sizes. Our highly specialized solutions help meet regulatory requirements and maintain compliance, while making information readily accessible when needed.

Digitize Physical Records & Manage Digital Content

Many energy companies rely on the instant availability of information contained in land and well files to conduct field operations. TDS helps you:

  • Find and access information, regardless of format
  • Digitize, store and manage paper documents in a secure environment
  • Transition to electronic workflows
  • Minimize risk and disruption to business during the transition to electronic

Minimize Costs with Records Storage

TDS’ near-site records centers helps you minimize records storage costs with:

  • Secure near-site records storage facilities that provide services on-demand
  • Audits and purges of paper and electronic documents
  • Scan on-demand services

Manage the Chaos of Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures

Mergers, acquisitions and divestitures (MA&D) are a regular occurrence in the energy sector.  Unfortunately for records and information managers, these deals create massive challenges.  TDS can help you at every stage of a transaction, from the initial discovery stages to the post-deal integration by:

  • Facilitating the due diligence process, with file audits and virtual file rooms that make information securely accessible to stakeholders
  • Integrating acquired records into existing collections
  • Preparing records for disposition
  • Ensuring all information is secure and accessible during and after the transaction
  • Minimizing risk throughout the transition process


Traditional Offices are Evolving

Corporations today are looking to modernize, do more with less, and partner with providers who offer scalable resources as needed. We help our clients keep pace with a new digital world and a remote workforce by taking on essential day-to-day tasks that are critical to business operations.

TDS offers flexible business models for managing your records and information management and critical office support services. Our expertise will help you plan, implement and measure success of your business goals when managing projects, co-sourcing or outsourcing key business functions.

Our approach is to first understand your culture and initiatives. Following that, we recommend proven strategies; and offer the right subject matter expertise along with best practices to accomplish those goals. TDS is vendor neutral when those enhancements involve new products or technology. Our management team is personally involved and commits to excellence.